SSA Elections

The Stout Student Association is holding elections for it's new executive board. The offical end of the 43rd congress will be on Tuesday, April 30th when the new executive board takes over. For this years election, our candidates for President and Vice - President will be running as a team. Currently, we have two contendants running for the position of President. Juliana Lucchesi and Steve Lubke will be competing for the position. Brandon Wayerski will be running for the position of Vice-President for Juliana Lucchesi. Neal Peterson will be running for the position of Vice-President for Steve Lubke. Garrison Gless will be running for the position of Director of Organizational Affairs. His position is uncontested.

On Tuesday, April 9th from 5:30 until 6:30, the SSA will be hosting a candidate debate in the Terrace of the MSC. Refreshments will be provided and all students are encouraged to attend.

Election Day is on Thursday, April 11th. All students will receive an email with a link that will take you to the election ballot. Election hours are from 8:00am until 9:00pm.

Presidential Candidate: Juliana Lucchesi

As Stout Student Association President, I want to focus on improving the organization and transparency of student government by organizing a Financial Affairs Committee to include more student organization input, collaborating with senators, directors,and students to create meaningful initiatives and goals for the 44th Congress, marketing project goals, accomplished goals, and current issues with students. I want to strengthen the understanding and links of sustainability initiatives and student programming and implement more accessible information on tuition and segregated fee spending. One initiative I wish to continue is to improve a shared governance plan to increase student involvement in University planning and decision making.

I have seen how the financial system works within the student body, and am now interested in learning more. I feel that the position of Vice President will help me to learn other areas of the Senate while helping the future President in accomplishing their goals. I also hope to have more time to devote to other areas, rather than just focusing on the one aspect, financial. I feel that even though my skills as the Director of Financial Affairs could help the students if I were to stay at my present position; however, I feel that I will be able to help them more if we were elected as President and Vice President, respectively.

Presidential Candidate: Steve Lubke

I am Steve Lubke and I am majoring in Information Technology Management here at Stout. I am looking forward to running for student body President this year. I have been involved with the Stout Student Association for three years now and enjoy representing the students here on campus. Anyway to make life better here at Stout for students is what I am looking to do.

Academics are a large aspect of student life at a university and students should be involved. I want to make sure that students are heard on issues relating to academics and that professional organizations have the ability to continue to grow. That is why I have decided to team up with Steve Lubke and run with him as his Vice President for the 2013-2014 school year. Our unique skill sets and diverse experiences within SSA make us great candidates to represent the student body.